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6 Signs It’s Time To Find Home Insulation Services Near You

Perhaps you’ve noticed a draft coming from various places throughout your home. Maybe your home heating bill has skyrocketed. If these or other red flags have alerted you to something not quite right, it may be time for you to search out home insulation services in your area. 

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high energy bills indicate the need for home insulation services

1. Skyrocketing Energy Bills 

Most energy companies offer the ability for you to view this year’s energy bill compared side-by-side with the same time last year for your home. This comparison is always a great way to analyze a possible issue. If you notice month after month that your energy costs continue to climb, there is a definite cause for concern.

While insulation is not the only reason your energy bill could become unmanageable, it is one of the biggest telltale signs that insulation may be a culprit. Over time, insulation can settle or may not have been installed well when originally put in. 

Depending on your home’s age and the type of insulation used, poor insulation causes warm air to escape in winter and cool air to escape in the summer months. The escaping air causes your heating and cooling systems to work more often, which in turn uses more energy. 

Paying attention to a pattern related to your energy bills, including spikes at times of extreme temperature shifts like winter and summer, can tip you off that your insulation may need to be inspected.

2. Cold, Damp Walls in Winter

After you’ve received a much higher than normal bill and started questioning what it could mean, there is a simple test to try and determine further if insulation could be the culprit. Go to an interior wall of your home and put your hand to the wall. Is it warm and dry? 

If your walls inside feel damp and cold in a nice and cozy room, you’ve just detected another warning sign that you may need to find home insulation services. Your outside walls should feel the opposite — cool to the touch — as it shows that your insulation is doing its job.

3. Changing Temperatures From Room to Room

If you have to have different layers of clothes for other rooms in your home, you might have a problem with your home insulation. If you’re wearing a sweatshirt in your living room but shorts in your bedroom, further investigation may be needed in a temperature-controlled house.

The heating and cooling systems in today’s homes offer comfortable temperatures that should be even from room to room in the house, keeping your home running as energy-efficiently as possible. Poor insulation can make a room much colder in the winter compared to other rooms, as the heat has an outlet that it wouldn’t have with proper insulation, especially if fiberglass batts were used.

signs of squirrels in the attic insulation

4. Signs of Unwelcome Critters

Walking into a room and noticing mice dropping in the corner is one of the awful feelings a homeowner could have. Insects in the home where there were none before can induce the same sense of yuck. 

There is a good chance that the influx of signs of critters is an indication that there are openings in your home where there shouldn’t be. Small cracks and aberrations in the walls, foundation, and around doors or windows are letting these unwelcome guests in and letting your welcome warm air escape.

While this lack of air sealing may not be a cause for poor insulation throughout the home, it may be a sign that some additional spray foam insulation may be warranted. An inspection by a professional in insulation solutions company can help determine if this is the case. 

5. Icy Ice Dams

Pretty to look at, maybe, but icicles hanging from your eaves are an unhealthy sign of bad insulation in your home. 

Ice dams are created through a vicious cycle resulting from too much warmth being allowed to escape from the roof of your home that melts away layers of snow and ice on the roof. This melted water meets the cold air again and becomes ice when it hits your gutters, causing dangerous ice formations. 

Not only can these ice dams cause damage to your home on their own, but they also act as another warning that you may have to take a trip up to your attic to do a final evaluation. 

cold young woman in a home with poor insulation

6. Heads Up: Take It to the Attic

As you are journeying around your home, you realize that several of these warning signs are in full effect. Your final stop should be your attic. The top section of your home offers many different clues to the health of your insulation.

When you enter your attic space, you may have an immediate indicator that you need to reach out to home insulation services. As the attic space is not commonly occupied, it’s fairly common that you can see the insulation in the area when you arrive there. Sometimes just taking a look at the attic insulation can tell you all you know about its health. 

If water is present, you have trouble. Moisture and leaks may occur in your attic space because of a couple of different reasons. 

Condensation build-up occurs as the attic space is becoming too warm, and the heat isn’t being distributed properly throughout the home. If there are openings in the roof, and water is leaking in from outside, that also points to the need for insulation. 

Not only can uncontrolled moisture in your space get costly regarding things like insulation, but it also allows for the silent killer mold to grow freely. Paying close attention to any amount of moisture in your attic could help save you more costly repairs in the future — and help protect your health!

Contact Home Insulation Services Near You Today

Making your home more comfortable by addressing any issues and ensuring your current insulation is properly insulating is important to keeping your house a home. Utilizing professional insulation installers can be the best step you can take to make this happen. 

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Attic Insulation

Is Cheap Attic Insulation Worth It?

We all know that insulating your attic is a good thing, but how much do the details matter? Does the kind of insulation you choose make that much of a difference? And does this really count as a DIY project?

Here at SoDak Insulation, we have made insulating your attic our number one concern. Whether you are contemplating cheap attic insulation or wondering if it is even worth starting the project, we can help. Read on for our top tips and insider advice, and you will be an insulation expert in no time!

Why Insulate Your Attic?

Before we get into the pros and cons of cheap attic insulation, you may ask why you should bother in the first place? This issue is a particular concern in warm climates, where heating the home is less of an urgent priority.

The simplest answer can be found in physics: heat rises. When air is heated, it expands, causing it to become less dense than the surrounding particles. Because the hot air is now less dense than the cold air around it, it rises up and to the top of the house: the attic.

Of course, the hot air doesn’t automatically stop when it hits the attic. If your attic is inadequately insulated, it will simply keep going. As a result, you will have to spend more money heating your home. Without insulation, a huge amount of the heat generated will simply be lost forever.

old attic with poor cheap insulation and holes

What Are The Types of Insulation?

There are a range of options when it comes to choosing an insulation material. 

Batt or Blanket Insulation

Batt insulation, also known as blanket insulation, is one of the most common selections. It comes in several variations: foil-backed felt, rocks, glass or mineral fiber — and it is easy to install. 

This option is perfect for exposed wall cavities and easily accessible spaces, though it may be too bulky for smaller apertures. Any fiberglass insulation needs to be handled with care.

Loose-Fill Insulation

Another popular choice for cheap attic insulation is loose-fill. This option is constructed from granular or lightweight materials. Common choices include cellulose insulation, recycled newspaper, cork granules, or mineral wool. 

Loose-fill options are a great choice for obstacles or awkward shapes. They can, however, risk coming loose if the attic is particularly draughty.

Sheet Loft Insulation

Sheet loft insulation is designed for the sloping side of your roof and takes the form of solid boards. Depending on your selection, they can be made moisture-resistant and fire-proof, as well as offering insulation properties. 

Options include straw, cork, and wood. These can offer a perfect fit if you are investing in a complete loft conversion. Once complete, the boards can be covered in plasterboard for a neat finish.

Blown-in Insulation

As the name suggests, this option involves insulation being blown into gaps between joists. In most cases, the task needs to be carried out by an experienced professional. 

Recycled paper and wool can help boost eco-credentials, and this type of insulation is lightweight and easy to handle. On the downside, it is amongst the most expensive options.

cheap attic insulation in a house

How Does Attic Insulation Help?

Attic insulation may set you back the initial insulation cost, but you can soon recoup any losses. Making sure that your attic is securely insulated helps to improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

It also helps by reducing air leaks and helping to reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home. You will soon find yourself making serious savings, allowing even cheap attic insulation to pay for itself in a few years.

Additionally, attic insulation is a sure-fire way to boost the value of your home. This is also a great way of making it more appealing to buyers should you decide to sell in the future. A potential buyer will see the value in insulation. In time, this could help you secure your desired asking price with minimal fuss.

What Do I Need To Do Before Choosing Cheap Attic Insulation?

Before deciding on your preferred insulation, there are a few steps to get your attic ready for a transformation.

Consider the current condition.

Before you start, evaluate the existing condition of your attic. This will help you to determine the best insulation for your needs. If you find wet or damp patches or mold or rotten wood areas, you may have a leak. 

If this is the case, it will need to be fixed before you insulate. Take a structural engineer up with you to catch any problems and make sure the area is ready to go.

Seal the space.

Once you have evaluated and addressed any issues, you need to ensure that the attic is air sealed. This means sealing up and removing holes, cracks, or gaps — these allow air to transfer from inside to outside. If left untreated, you will be unable to maintain a consistent, desired temperature.

Common options for sealing include spray foam insulation, designed to expand, and caulk. You will still need to leave ventilation after sealing; this is best left to the experts for a smooth, professional finish.

a worker installing roofing insulation in a home

Remember existing insulation.

In some cases, you may be able to simply update or replace your existing insulation. This is an easy way to enjoy cheap attic insulation and can be a great way to save some serious cash if you are insulating on a budget.

Choose your insulation.

Before you decide, there are three considerations: the desired R-value, the available space, and the cost. 

The R-value relates to the rating for the thermal resistance per inch of material. The higher this number, the better the insulation. 

Different types of insulation will need different amounts of space to allow for effective insulation. As an example, fiberglass batts typically have an R-value of 2.9-3.8 per inch. Therefore, to achieve R 49, you will need 13 – 17 inches thick — this can be tricky in confined spaces.

Cost is another important factor, and this is where cheap attic insulation comes in useful. Fiberglass bats tend to be the most affordable option, but any tears or damage can reduce efficiency. 

Ultimately, you need to decide whether you would rather save money now and risk a bill later. Alternatively, you can choose to invest a little more to start with.

Still Undecided?

Here at SoDak Insulation, we have made it our mission to advise and assist on all insulation matters. Our experienced team has the skills and qualifications to carry out full attic insulations. We can also offer professional advice on the best options. 

Why not leave your job in the professionals’ hands, and let us take care of the hard work for you? Get in touch today, and enjoy an estimate or full inspection.