Our homes are the most important investment we have. Home is where we make memories, where we laugh, cry, and dream together. Home is an essential part of our lives. We know your home is important, so we take extra care with insulating it. We choose sustainable insulation with the best R-value available. Our techs are highly trained to take special care of your home and ensure it is properly insulated. 


When you buy a home, it is critical you have a thorough inspection. Part of this inspection is for proper insulation levels and an absence of bat guano. We have the expertise to handle both. Let us give you peace of mind before you purchase your home.

Restorative Insulation

Have you been noticing your utility bills are increasing? Does your home feel hotter in the summer and colder in the winter? Your insulation could be inadequate. SoDak Insulation will come to your home, inspect your insulation levels, and restore areas that need attention by removing old insulation and installing new.

Green Fiber

At SoDak Insulation, we take careful consideration to only use the best possible product. We choose Green Fiber for many reasons, including the superior quality of the product, their reputation as a company, and their commitment to sustainability.

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