Save Money with Attic Insulation

When it comes to protecting your home, ensuring that you have adequate attic insulation is vital. We all know how this can help keep your home safe and secure, as well as regulating temperature. Did you know, however, that you could also save money with attic insulation?

Taking time to ensure that your attic insulation is top quality can reap significant financial rewards down the line. Read on to see how you could save, and the benefits to your everyday life!

Reduce your utility bills.

Energy bills are a great way to save money with attic insulation, and play a crucial part in saving cash. The average home spends between 50% and 70% of its energy on heating and cooling – insulation can really help.

The main area to prioritize here is the attic space. If this area is under-insulated or lacks insulation, you will need to spend more regulating temperatures.

Research shows homeowners can enjoy a saving of 15% of heating and cooling costs. This can be achieved simply by ensuring that your attic is adequately insulated. Depending on your lifestyle, family size, home, and heating system, this could equate to savings of $780 per year.

save money with attic insulation

Maximize the efficiency of your systems.

You could also save money with attic insulation by improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Even modern homes, with top-quality systems, can suffer from fluctuations in temperature if they are not adequately insulated. Temperatures may change drastically between floors, or suddenly become very hot or cold, at the slightest change in temperature outside.

If you notice a difference in temperature of between 10 and 15 degrees between floors, take this as a warning. Such a significant difference is a sign that your insulation is inadequate. Heat rises to the top of the house – usually to the bedrooms.

As a result, you are more likely to spend time and money trying to cool these rooms. Over the year, this can seriously increase your energy bills.

Older homes are also important here if you are looking to save money with attic insulation. By their very nature, these structures tend to be draughtier, with cracks and crevices for energy to escape.

As a result, your heating or cooling equipment will have to work twice as hard to keep the temperature consistent. If the ductwork in your home runs through the attic space, this can also have an impact.

Poor insulation here will also prevent the heat from being transported evenly through your home. This can then result in temperature disparities between levels. 

The less efficient your insulation, the harder your equipment will have to work. The increased wear and tear can cause your unit to wear out more quickly. Replacing the system time and again can prove expensive. Increased pressure can also result in breakdowns as the HVAC works harder; again, these costs can quickly add up.

Keep your home safe, reducing long-term costs.

Another way to save money with attic insulation is to reduce your outgoings. Insulating your attic helps reduce energy bills, but it can also improve general safety and security. 

Heat and moisture can damage your home when allowed to build up over time, as water vapor erodes the walls. Eventually, this can result in damp and mold issues, both of which thrive in moist, dark, cool spaces.

If your attic is allowed to get too hot, this can cause swelling and cracking to shingles on the surface. An attic that is at the wrong temperature also allows ice dams to build up and form.

These occur when snow melts and then refreezes on the edge of the roof. Over time, this leads to a build-up in pressure and can cause serious structural damage to the roof.

The cost of replacing the entire roof is not insignificant. Even smaller repairs such as tiles and shingles can add up over time. By keeping your roof at the optimum temperature, you reduce the risk of these issues. An investment now has the potential to save you money on expensive repairs.

Pests and animals may also enter your home through poor insulation, and can do a lot of damage. They may create nests, leave behind droppings (or guano) or cause structural problems. High-quality insulation helps remove their point of entry and can keep the attic space more secure.

Save Money with Attic Insulation

Improve air quality

Many of us spend a great deal of money on air purifiers, in an attempt to keep our air fresh. There is another solution. However, investing in good quality insulation can help achieve this goal for a lower overall price.

Poor insulation often contains cracks and gaps, and these can allow pollutants from outside to enter the home. Dust, mildew, dirt, and mold, can all make their way into your home, along with any number of airborne toxins. Over time, this can have a detrimental impact on the health and wellbeing of your family.

While dedicated air purifiers can really help with this, they can be very expensive to run on a daily basis. If you require constant refreshing and purification, the costs can add up. Secure, durable insulation can, however, lock down any gaps and prevent leaks.

In turn, this will remove the space for pollutants to enter, allowing easier breathing and cleaner air for everyone. A great way to stay healthy while allowing you to save money with attic insulation.

What Can You Do?

Are you are looking to increase comfort, boost air quality, and save money? If so, your attic insulation could be a great place to start. By making a single, seemingly simple change, you could enjoy significant benefits for quality of life and your finances.

Here at SoDak Insulation, we make it our mission to ensure that your attic is safe, secure, and comfortable. These goals start by ensuring you are equipped with the best quality insulation.

Our team have worked in homes across South Dakota, and are keen to help you save money with attic insulation. Why not get in touch today, and see how we could help!

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